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Our Story

Have you ever truly listened to someone’s story and just been sucked in, to the point that you can smell the salty beach air, hear the music or feel the environment they are describing? For me, it started with my mom. She could tell the most incredible stories, with the tiniest details that just brought it all to life in my mind’s eye. I can still hear her laugh when telling me about one of her first dates with my dad. I never forgot her ability as a storyteller. As I grew older and more sentimental, I thought wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to be able to hear their story and from it, create something tangible they could always count on to remind them of that particular special moment in their life?

And so Party Perfect became a spark. No real direction, or “plan”, but a goal to help tell people’s stories. Life got in the way, as it often does, and years went by until the stars aligned just right and the spark became a fire. (Or a laser in this case). One girl, one laser, and a few VERY supportive friends and family turned an idea into a hobby, into a business that allows me to help people tell their stories. Every piece of art that comes from Party Perfect carries with it a little piece of my heart because you are entrusting us to bring your story to life, with all the love and feeling you have in your yours when telling it. Just like my mom’s storytelling did for me.

Who We Are ?

So Mishell and her laser started making things for those VERY supportive friends (we’ll get back to this) and family. Just little things, a Christmas ornament, a memory plaque, a photo engraved on wood. And those things that they could hold in their hand, touched their hearts and breathed life into my passion. One of my biggest supporters became a partner in our Uncommon Scents candle line. It all began with a candle I was testing for engraving. Melissa (the most supportive of the VERY supportive friends group) has been my #1 supporter since day one in all of my crazy ideas.

She’s always been the first to trust me with her stories and encourage me when I was tempted to find another source of income. So, when Melissa said she could make a beautiful hand-poured, eco-friendly soy wax candle that we could engrave with our client’s sentiments, I was elated and the Uncommon Scents personalized candle line was born. Together, we regulate each other’s crazy (ok, sometimes we feed it) but mostly we balance each other’s over-the-top ideas and feed each other’s creativity.

What We Do ?

We take your ideas and sentiments and create from them stories you can hold in your hand. Every special occasion, every life-changing event, every heartfelt moment that touches your soul can be told by combining our processes and your stories.