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At Uncommon Scents by Party Perfect each candle is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a product of the highest quality. Our candles are made from a perfectly blended, cruelty-free, organic soy wax infused with a hint of pure organic coconut oil and we use only fragrances that are free of paraben, petrol, and phthalates. Read more

We then hand pour these harmonious blends to achieve the level of quality assurance you've come to expect from Party Perfect. We strive to source the purest products available to bring you the cleanest burning candles possible. This same care is given to your personalized engraving really makes the love in this gift shine through, ensuring that your keepsake will remain cherished long after the final ember of the candle has faded. Use the engraved vessel as a trinket holder, or drop a tealight in it to continue enjoying the illuminated engraving! We top all our candles with a cork dust cover that can also be used as a coaster under the candle to protect your delicate surfaces. While soy wax burns at a lower temperature than some other waxes, the vessel should be handled with care while the wax is in liquid form to avoid spills and accidents.

Our 12.5 oz soy candles have an average burn time of approximately 75 hours when cared for properly. Don't forget to tip your wick! Trim the wick according to the included care card and keep an eye on the candle while it's burning. It's important never to leave a burning candle unattended, and to keep children away from lit candles or hot wax. At Uncommon Scents, your safety is our top priority, and we want you to enjoy your candles with peace of mind. Read less

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List of Fragrances

      The Red Room     

An exotic, masculine fragrance with just the perfect balance of naughty and romantic.
   Notes: Black currant mixed with a hint of saffron, blackberries, and vanilla.

      A Touch of Grey     

This blend of leather and lace is perfect for date night. Leaning toward the masculine, but is a favorite among women.
Notes: Warm Vanilla bean, black raspberries, sugar, and rose petals.


A throwback to Saturday morning cartoons with your favorite fruity cereal.
Notes: Citrus, cereal, and milk.

      Toasted Martini     

Marshmallows roasting over a campfire with a splash of spice. One of our fan favorites.
Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Cedar, and Clove.

    Newborn Spring     

A blend of Spring and the scent of a newborn baby. An Uncommon Scents signature fragrance.
Notes: Fresh lavender, baby powder.

      Palo Santo     

A woody, earthy scent with a sprinkling of warm spices. One of our favorites!
Notes: Cedarwood, smoke, lemon leaf, and warm spices.

       Beach Blossom     

For all of our beach lovers! This will surely take you away to a calm, relaxing day on the beach.
Notes: Fresh air, sea salt, and fresh orchids.

      L.A. Leather     

Masculine and sexy with a splash of what drives a woman wild. An Uncommon Scents signature fragrance.
Notes: Leather, sage, spice, and patchouli.

    Morning Coffee     

Just that! The smell of a fresh cup of coffee gets you going any time of the day.
Notes: Coffee, sugar, and cream.


A perfect blend between stormy seas and watching the sunrise above the calm morning ocean.
Notes: Amber, sea salt, floral, and vanilla.

      Winter Morning     

Enjoy the scent of a crisp winter forest all year long.
Notes: Evergreen, cedar, cypress, and lemon.

      Georgia Peach     

Mouth-watering peach as if you picked it fresh from the tree.
Notes: Fresh peach with hints of vanilla and sugar.

       Pharaoh's Kiss     

Alight, woody fragrance with bold musky accents.
Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, patchouli, and musk.

      Book of Spells     

Remember the days of actual books? Walking into a bookstore and smelling old paper? This is for you!
Notes: Rosewood, vintage leather, and sandalwood.